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CCPN Global (China in Comparative Perspective Network Global), formerly known as CCPN (China in Comparative Perspective Network) at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), has been integrated into the Global China Academy (UK charity No.: 1154640). A unique global academic society, the Global China Academy has more than 100 China experts and nearly 5,000 members worldwide and engages people directly to work on either its own projects or on collaborative projects around the world. 

The phrase: ‘China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective', means to use the case of China or the Chinese as a comparator to compare, contemporarily and historically, with other countries or regions in interdisciplinary, multiple engagements, across institutions, and transnational approaches for advancing general knowledge. We are multi-disciplinary and anticipate linking and pooling the expertise of all experts on China seeking comparative approaches and facilitating collaborative studies on China in its Asian and global contexts. 

CCPN Global creates the sole English and Chinese dual language websites in the English speaking world focusing on social scientific, humanities and comparative studies of China and the Chinese. This bilingual website is being used as a public platform. The sections ‘Publications’, ‘Academic events’ and ‘Research Projects’ each consist of two parts: work from CCPN Global and work done elsewhere. The external links can also be found in the ‘Resources’ section under Global Century Press. The website is being updated from time to time.

CCPN Global’s flagship of comparative research is the interdisciplinary Journal on China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP), the only peer-reviewed journal on social scientific and humanities studies of China in the world published biannually in English and Chinese editions from 2015 in print and online (ISSN 2040-0837) by Global Century Press (GCP). A separate website and blogs for JCCP launched in May 2013 to better serve all scholars of China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective worldwide. They are: and

Under the Global China Academy CCPN Global works with other organizations to fulfil its academic and social missions. 









The organizational structure of the Global China Academy consists both websites and blogs. The commonalities of the websites are that they are ‘ego centered networks’ by nature. We therefore made identical blogs for each of them which provide platforms for readers and users to interact with the sites and with each other.

  1. Global China Academy 全球中国学术院: or 
  2. CCPN Global 全球中国比较研究会:
  3. Journal of China in Comparative Perspective 《中国比较研究》:
  4. Global China Dialogue 全球中国对话
  5. Global Century Press 环球世纪出版社:
  6. Global China Thinktank 全球中国智库:
  7. Global China Social Enterprise 全球中国社会企业:
  8. Global China Ecommerce 全球中国电子商务:
  9. Global China Ecommerce Platform 全球中国电商平台: