Journal of China in Comparative Perspective

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Comparative Studies of China in the World

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Honorary Editor: Stephan Feuchtwang (LSE, UK)

Editor: Xiangqun Chang (Global China Academy; University College London, UK)

Review Editor: Keith Jackson (SOAS, UoL, UK; Doshisha University, Japan)

Assistant Editors: Matthew Wills (University of California, UCSD, USA);

 Costanza Pernigotti (Global China Academy, UK; ZUMC, China)

Editorial Board

International Consultation Board

Academic Advisory Committee

Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP, ISSN 2040-0837 print; ISSN 2040-0845 online) is the only peer-reviewed academic dual language journal for social scientific, humanities and comparative studies of China in the world, published annually in December in print and electronic versions from 2015 by the Global Century Press. Electronic articles can be accessed online from the JCCP website after you have subscribed to the journal. For institutions, we will need your IP address/es, either on-campus, off-campus or both.

Important note: Subscribers to the journal will receive copies from 2015 onwards. 

The Chinese edition of JCCP features collections of selected translated work and is published biennially from 2016.

A free sample issue can be downloaded HERE.

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